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Niko Laitinen
Hybrid of Design and Tech. 🎸, 🍴, & ✈️.

Defining the parts and the 5 questions to drive development forward.

Seashore with low waves coming in and roots of a matured tree above the sand
Seashore with low waves coming in and roots of a matured tree above the sand

In 2014 I build what I called my first proper UI component library. What made it proper was the fact that I could reuse components and combine them to create new components and layouts. I called it the “prototype machine” because it essentially was used to generate new prototype layouts from existing components. The generated layouts could then be used for user testing. The layouts were easy to include into production code letting me focus on the user experience as a whole and developers on the functionality instead of the visual style.

It had always appealed to me that creating…

Endless product possibilities in the horizon

I recently reflected on my past decade in designing and building digital products. Often I get asked how products should be made and my answer remains same, it depends. There is no silver bullet that would produce consistent results and be able to scale. Complex business models and varying industries make it close to impossible. My thoughts accumulated into a flow which then started adding parallel layers. After some peer discussion and comments the AMAA Product Development Matrix was born.

Designing for better lives — tales from SXSW

Highlights that would make any creative stop for a moment

South by Southwest is known as the conference for creatives that outgrew into a festival for everyone. And by creatives, I mean all kinds of creative people involved in film, music, business, and — to a greater extend nowadays — digital design. A team of four nitoreans flew across the Atlantic to find out what this event might offer.

The conference kicked off with themes that touched the softer side of humanity. Esther Perel reasoned that our work environments are based on human relationships and we should prioritize them. …

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