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Niko Laitinen
Hybrid of Design and Tech. 🎸, 🍴, & ✈️.


  • Mika Majakorpi

    Mika Majakorpi

    Software Architect @NitorCreations, Photographer

  • Lee Allen

    Lee Allen

  • Bregna Carpathia

    Bregna Carpathia

  • O-P Jauhiainen

    O-P Jauhiainen

    Designer Director @ Miltton Digital

  • Goutham Bandaru

    Goutham Bandaru

    Founder @ OfficeFlow & OneApp | Tech & Start-up Enthusiast | Fan of Automation and Productivity Tech

  • Tommi Koirikivi

    Tommi Koirikivi

    UX & UI Designer, Mobile Apps & Web. Responsive Design, Frontend Development. I work at @Conmio

  • Carlos Lopez B.

    Carlos Lopez B.

  • Kevin Cyr

    Kevin Cyr

    Planner β€” Experience Design, Senior Digital Producer with 17 years of passion for creative and development. Enjoying and exploring life with my wife and son.

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